MiTek Blackpoint: All your options – and options on options – drawn once.

Dramatically reduce your drafting time by automating the creation of lot-specific and master plan sets. Generate detailed BOMs in minutes – not hours or days.

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Options Manager

Unmanned automation allows you to create lot-specific plans
quickly and accurately while reducing overhead.

  • No limit to the number of options the software can handle.  Inclusionary, exclusionary, and options on options are all supported.
  • Manage options across floor plans, business units and municipalities, eliminating the complexity of managing drawings and materials needed for each unique combination.
  • Manage code changes with rules-based options management.
  • Catches and eliminates option selection and option on option errors.
  • Offer customers a high level of personalization without significant increases in drafting or estimating time.
  • Reduce overhead and improve productivity.
  • Draw options in 2D and 3D.
  • Native TrueDWG® files for coordination with suppliers.
Blackpoint Options Manager
Blackpoint Optioned Model

Material Manager

Create lot-specific or model-based BOMs in minutes.

  • Completely automated BOM creation process, increasing staff productivity.
  • Handles options on options.
  • Generate detailed BOMs using CAD/BIM objects with configurable company rules.
  • Multiple Data points – use data from BIM models or from XLS files.



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