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Our code compliant engineered products save on labor and installation costs while providing stronger connections. Save time and money, prevent costly errors before they’re made, and deliver more jobs done right.

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MiTek Lateral Solutions help you reduce cycle times, enable easier and safer installation and offer predictable performance.

Design for more open floor plans and reduce your reliance on structural wood solutions with the only complete line of lateral force resisting products for light-frame construction.

bathroom with triton watertight solutions

MiTek Triton – high-performing and worry-free watertight solutions to reduce material costs and speed up installation.

Protect the health, integrity and beauty of your build. MiTek Triton products are stronger, lighter and install faster. Crystalline Silica free.

Deliver more jobs done right with MiTek Structural Connectors. Save on labor and installation costs, while providing stronger connections.

Engineered to be safe and code-compliant and designed to reduce time, material, labor and overall costs.

male construction working installing a metal hanger on a construction site, wearing white hard hat with an american flag on it, using a black nail gun

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Customer Testimonials

In the 18 years I’ve owned this business and used MiTek software, there’s never been a truss that failed because of a structural issue. Just doesn’t happen.

Pioneer Truss
Chris Lenauer, Owner & President